I offer app development skills based on standard process methodology as an experienced iOS App developer building beautiful things for the app store.

My Services

What I Can Offer

  • I Code & Hack the Web

    When I first started creating apps in 2012, I was learning Objective C using Xcode 4, but switched to Swift as soon as it came out in 2014. And, of course, when I say hack the web, I mean I look up StackOverflow and Ray Wenderlich for the best solutions.

  • I Design UI/UX

    Though my skills are concentrated on the build process, I do know what good UI and UX looks like. I definitely know how to spot bad UX, and happily work with designers to plan a good user experience overall. I can make simple image edits, like all images on this site.

  • I can incorporate whatever Typography, Icons & Illustrations that you like

    Google Material Design is my go-to site for icons, but I have also purchased from Glyphish and other sources.

  • I Try to Snap Beautiful Photos

    I've been told that I have a good eye. I took every photo on the site, resized and dropped a gradient layer to pop the text out.

My Process

How I Work


The more time spent planning, the better. Wireframes, Invision and team discussions can help you steer away from later problems. I often use playgrounds to figure out some solutions too. I try to keep to Apple's rules on Human Interface Guidelines.


I build using Swift 5 in Xcode 11, with CocoaPods as my preferred framework manager. I use storyboards and autolayout to ensure it works well on all devices. Though Apple samples use MVC, I have used VIPER architecture for some larger projects.


I test a lot. Usually distributing builds for test through Testflight or Firebase Distribution. I have written some automated unit-tests too, but never really get the time to completely cover everything with automated tests. Still, the QA team were happy with the quality of my releases.


I have already shipped several apps to the Apple App Store, which includes the preparation of marketing content and screenshots. I have also liaised with Apple to resolve issues that have occasionally arisen through the App Review Process.

My Portfolio

These are the apps for WheresGay, Fireproof, Dugout, and Diagnostics that I built and worked on.
I also built an Apple TV app, for Dugout and am familiar with design tools such as Wireframing, Zeplin, and InVision. View All Items

  • I Am a bit of a Perfectionist
  • I Love Making Beautiful Things
  • I also like Tech, Travel
  • and Eurovision
  • This Is @thal Productions

About Me

Meet The Team, well, just me really

iOS Developer ex-Scientist who loves travel. Published several apps. Owner of WheresGay currently on App Store. Excellent track record in analysis, design, build, testing, implementation & support of diverse I.T. projects. Detail-oriented with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Enthusiastic team player.

Cathal Farrell

iOS Developer

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  • Cathal has been a dedicated iOS developer with good work life balance and people skills.


    —Neil Richins, Dev Ops Manager, TrÅ«

  • Working with Cathal was a pleasure. He made real all designs on IOS devices with a professional and unique touch.


    —Juan Ayala, Graphic Designer, ALTV Media

  • Cathal was a great guy to work with and was always willing to do what it took to get the job done. His work was meticulous and his attention to detail was excellent.


    —James Howard, Full-Stack Deveoper, Noster Mobile

  • Cathal was willing to go the extra mile to get tight projects over the line and he was always willing to share his technical expertise with other members of the team.


    —Phelim O'Brien, Project Manager, Furious Tribe

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